The Most Romantic Wedding Locations in Italy

November 9, 2022


A Photographer’s Top Five Places to Get Married in the Bel Paese

There are so many beautiful locations for a destination wedding in Italy.

It’s the sweet life of doing nothing that feeds the souls of romantics around the world — the leisurely meals with your loved ones, the amorous strolls along a beach at sunset, and exploring the canals of Venice. And the best place to feed this amorous interruption from everyday life is in Italy.

Italy is home to some of the most romantic wedding locations in the world, as well as some of the most stunning photographic opportunities. It has beautiful light, stunning scenery, and many historical venues.

And it is for these reasons, having a destination wedding in Italy is such a sought-after experience. 

Here are my top five most romantic wedding locations in Italy.

Top Five Most Romantic Wedding Locations in Italy

With such a diverse footprint, Italy is home to some of the most beautiful and varied landscapes. And within these locations are so many opportunities for stunning and unique wedding venues.  

Amalfi Coast 

Coastal views for your wedding in the Amalfi Coast.

The Amalfi Coast is on everyone’s “must-visit” list these days — and with good reason. This 25-mile coastline may be small but it is abundant with an ambiance unlike any other in Italy. From the scent of its famed lemons that infuse every fiber of the region to the freshest of fresh seafood, the Amalfi Coast is truly a delight for the senses.

And even more fun than a simple vacation is a wedding at one of the grand venues in the area. 

From the colorful houses to the expansive views of the Mediterranean Sea, everything exudes romance on the Amalfi Coast. It is a dream for couples and photographers alike. 

There are many places to host a wedding on the Amalfi Coast. 

You can get married in one of the luxury hotels that dot the shores. Known for their rooftop spaces and expansive views, hotels are a convenient and easy way to keep all of your guests under the same roof. Set in an ancient monastery, Hotel Convento Di Amalfi is one of my favorite venues with its tradition and historical significance. Sirenuse Hotel is another grand option in the fabled town of Positano.

Or consider an estate or villa. These are usually steeped with history, not to mention the views and beauty that they offer. Villa Cimbrone is no exception and offers all of the above — views, history and unrivaled beauty. And then there is the Palazzo Avino with its iconic views of local fishing villages and its one-star Michelin dining.

Other popular options at the Amalfi Coast are to get married in one of the lovely gardens that are found throughout the region or even on a sailboat. Both of these options work great for intimate weddings and elopements. 


One of the many stunning wedding locations in Italy

If the Tuscan countryside sounds like heaven on earth, you are in good company. With breathtaking natural landscapes and earthy, yet elegant, rural villages, Tuscany is full of great wedding locations.

The birthplace of Dante Alighieri, Michelangelo Buonarotti, and Leonardo Da Vinci, all key influencers in the Italian Renaissance, Tuscany is infused, to its core, with art and culture. This influence is found everywhere from its architecture and design to its world-class food … and this can be infused into your wedding as well.  

Weddings in Tuscany are the epitome of elegance. 

Many of the weddings held in Tuscany are in villas, wineries or locally owned hotels, but all have their own unique flare that really gets to the heart of Italian culture. 

For a more noble affair, the Castello di Vicarello is conveniently located between Florence and Rome. Surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, you can say your marriage vows immersed in history dating back to the 13th century. 

Toted as the most beautiful villa in Italy by Architectural Digest, Villa Cetinale offers a wide array of activities and experiences surrounding your wedding such as painting classes, hiking, exploring the world-famous gardens, and other sightseeing tours. Your wedding guests will be treated to such a unique and memorable experience at this location. 

One of the last of the Medici residences, Villa Corsini is always a magnificent locale. Situated amid the rolling Chianti hills, you can say your vows in true style at this venue. 

And for a truly unique and memorable affair, did you know that you can rent an entire hamlet for your wedding? A hamlet, also known as a borgo, is a small hillside town in Italy — and yes, some of these are available to rent. Your entire guest list can stay on site and you can truly take over the town with your festivities.

Borgo Santo Pietro is a beautiful option situated around an 800-year-old farmhouse. It was once a stop-over on a healing pilgrimage and now is a world-renowned spa/hotel for your modern-day healing and relaxation needs. It is also the perfect place to host a wedding. 

Lake Como 

Combine art and luxury with your dream destination wedding.

Arguably the most romantic place in Italy, Lake Como has been stealing the hearts of visitors for hundreds of years. With mountains towering over the lake and ancient villages dotting the landscape, it is a location worth considering for your ceremony.  

Imagine ornate villas and mountains surrounding you from all sides as you say your vows. And then envision a ceremony on the shore of the lake, dancing into the late hours of the night, and watching fireworks over the lake as you celebrate the most exciting day of your life. 

Your wedding at Lake Como can be this — and so much more. Villas such as Villa d’EsteVilla Balbiano, and Villa Pizzo are elegant, luxurious and oh-so-inspiring, making them the perfect place for your Lake Como wedding. And not only are they gorgeous but they are convenient as well. Many villas, such as the ones listed, have guest rooms onsite, allowing you and your guests, the opportunity to stay where the celebration is. 

Lake Como is filled with so many hidden gems and wondrous hikes that reward you with amazing views. Consider hiking to the hidden Abbey of San Benedetto or to the Sacro Monte di Ossuccio, both of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites to gather some epic pre-wedding images (or maybe even hold an elopement there). 


Venice is one of the most stunning of wedding locations in Italy.

Few places say “Italy” more obviously than Venice. With its famed canals, gondolas and beautiful bridges, Venice is a staple of Italian tourism. 

But beyond a quick stop on your vacation, Venice really is a wonderful place to host a wedding.  

Not only is it on everyone’s bucket list to visit but it is easy to get to and full of romantic locations for your wedding. And beyond the gorgeous venues, a photo session on a gondola is nothing short of spectacular. 

There are plenty of luxury venues in Venice, ones that set the stage for an amazing experience. 

San Clemente Palace Kempinski is a private venue that is located on one of the 118 islands that make up Venice. This 5-star resort is glamorous and opulent, the perfect backdrop for a Venice wedding. 

For a change of pace, consider a wedding in the center of Venice at the Pisani Moretta, a boutique hotel on the Grand Canal. Located in two historical palaces,  Pisani Moretta is an elegant and ornate location for a classic wedding.


a stunning wedding view.

Located on the infamous “heel” of Italy’s highly distinguishable boot, Puglia is famous for its olive oil, stunning Mediterranean vistas, and perfectly preserved Medieval towns. Visit Lecce, the “Florence of the South,” and enjoy its baroque opulence or spend time enjoying the immaculate beaches and coastline.

Getting married in Puglia combines the best of two worlds — high Italian culture and sunny, pristine beaches. And, like all of Italy, it is home to some unforgettable venues. 

Castello Monaci is a classic Italian castle that offers both indoor and outdoor spaces with an elegant backdrop. This 16th-century castle was once a sanctuary for Basilian monks and is now a highly-esteemed vineyard and historical treasure. 

Set within a grove of hundred-year-old oak trees, Tenuta Tresca embodies modern-day magic at its finest. Its rustic luxe vibes and focus on the natural elements make this a truly unique venue.

Beyond the numerous castles, palaces and villas, Puglia is also home to many masserias — large farms or homesteads — that are enchanting wedding locations in Italy. Masseria Torre Coccaro, Masseria Montenapoleone, and Masseria Potenti are some of the many great masseria venues. 

Planning Which Wedding Location in Italy to Book

There are so many beautiful wedding locations in Italy, and deciding which one to start researching and booking is the biggest obstacle. 

Italy, in general, is always a good choice. Your guests will have a memorable experience they will be talking about for years and you will have a wedding that exceeds your wildest dreams.  

As an added bonus, almost every wedding location in Italy has amazing photographic opportunities. From the light to the rolling hills and the artful architecture, there is always so much beauty to capture. 


And, lucky for you, I do travel all over Italy for weddings and would love to talk to you about your dream Italian wedding.

Reach out today to set up a consultation call. 

Explore the most stunning of wedding locations in Italy.

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