Helicopter Photo Session on a Mountaintop in the Swiss Alps

November 9, 2022


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Photo Session on a Mountaintop in the Swiss Alps

You love adventure, raw beauty, and doing things a little bit differently than everyone else. A double-decker bus tour of every major city just isn’t going to cut it for you. 

You are discerning and adventurous; you aren’t looking for perfectly posed pictures in a park to memorialize your time in Switzerland. You are looking for something that is going to stand out and be noticed.

A fine-art photo session surrounded by the glowing mountain peaks of the Swiss Alps is exactly what you are looking for.

What Is a Helicopter Photo Session? 

A helicopter photo session on a mountaintop in the Swiss Alps is more than just your everyday opportunity. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will not only leave you with amazing images but with lasting memories as well. 

This session is my signature offer, a combination of my love of adventure, fine art and photography. 

We will fly in your privately chartered helicopter to a height of 4000 meters (around 13,000 feet), landing atop the snow-capped Swiss Alps. Surrounded by a breathtaking alpine panorama, we will spend an unforgettable hour having an art-directed photo session amidst the snow and ragged rocks with the Matterhorn standing majestic in the distance. 

Breathe in the fresh air, revel in the endless white, and absorb the quiet freedom of truly being at the top of the world. I can guarantee you have never been in a place quite so pristine and endless. 

Who Is it For? 

This photo session is for anyone who loves both luxury and adventure, exploring, and a fine-art approach to life — someone who is passionate about the beauty of the world. It is for people who look for moments that are monumental and dazzling.

It is for people who look for something a little different and a little more intentional in their travels. And, since we will be photographing in the snow at 4000 meters, it is also for people who don’t mind getting a little cold in order to create once-in-a-lifetime art. 

If the idea of fresh air, endless horizons, and the glowing alpine light sounds like heaven, then this photo session on a mountaintop in the Swiss Alps is for you. 

Please note, we will be traveling in a helicopter so any severe fears of heights or medical conditions should be considered before booking. 

Create memories for a lifetime on top of a snow-capped mountain.

How Does It Work? 

Here is a step-by-step of how the helicopter photo session works. 

1 – Get It Booked

Send me an inquiry, letting me know the days and times that you are available for a helicopter session. I will check the helicopter availability as well as the weather and light conditions. If everything checks out, we can book the session. Due to the nature of this session, a retainer of 50% is required to hold your date and secure the helicopter. The other 50% will be due three days before the event.

2 – Get Prepared 

The next step will be to get your wardrobe planned. After booking, you will receive a PDF with some information about clothing and styling, as well as a checklist of items to bring and a shooting timeline.

The biggest thing to remember when planning your clothing for this session is to remember that the scenery on the top of a mountain is neutral. There are few distractions. You want to plan for clothing that pops and allows you to stand out in the image. 

The guide goes into all of this more in-depth, giving more specific recommendations as well as things to avoid. 

Make sure you bring jackets, a hot drink, and maybe even a blanket to stay warm during the in-between moments. 

3. Get There 

On the day of the shoot, we will meet at the designated time at the train station in Visp, Valais. Make sure you show up early. Any delays will result in less time on top of the mountain. 

From the train station, I will transport us to the airport where a helicopter will be waiting to take us to our destination. Expect the flight to be 15 minutes. 

4. Get Photographed

After landing, we will spend an hour marveling at the scenery and having an enjoyable photography session. Using my signature style of art directing, we will spend about an hour creating natural, emotive images.

5. Get Back

When the session concludes, we will take the helicopter back to the airfield. I will then transfer you back to the train station in Visp, Valais. 

6. Get Your Images

I will edit and retouch your images, uploading them to a private gallery with an integrated print store. You can print or download your images as you desire. 

Beautiful image of women from a photo session on a mountaintop in the Swiss Alps

Questions You May Have

What happens in case of poor weather or maintenance issues? If the weather is not cooperating, I will work with you to find another day with a better forecast. It is for this reason, I always recommend that you plan to be in the area for multiple days to have a higher chance of good weather. In case of continuing bad weather or other issues outside of our control, we will either agree upon a secondary plan or a full refund.

How long does it take to receive our images? I usually have all of the images ready in 3-4 weeks.

How many people can be in a session? Due to the nature of the shoot and the capacity of the helicopter, these sessions are for one or two people only. 

Are there any age restrictions? You must be 18 years old to participate in this session.

How safe is the helicopter and this session? Great question. All pilots are licensed and work with a renowned Swiss helicopter company that has a great safety record. I also employ a professional mountain guide to secure the area and a flight assistant who helps make sure everything goes smoothly. 

What if I am afraid of heights or have a medical condition? I highly recommend reconsidering this session if you have any medical conditions, are pregnant, or are afraid of heights. I’m happy to talk to you about other options to get amazing views, with less risk. If you have any concerns, please make sure that you clear this activity with your doctor beforehand.

Contact Me Today for a Photo Session on a Mountaintop in the Swiss Alps

Spots are limited for this photo session on a mountaintop in the Swiss Alps so contact me today to start the scheduling process. 

closeup of a women on top of a mountain
couple on top of a mountain in the Swiss Alps.

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