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Your story is exceptional. 

Experiences, traveling, learning and art are among your passions in life.

You are enchanted with French châteaus, sun-speckled Tuscan fields, and the glittering blue of the Côte d’Azur.

And you won’t settle for just another pretty picture — you want images filled with substance and depth.

Read on to learn more ...

Artist Statement 

A Little About Me

A Switzerland photographer & student of the world.

From being born into a family of artists to spending summers at our Tuscan home which was next door to a well-known impressionist painter, art is infused into every cell of my being.

With my mom who is a classical singer and my father who is a writer, poet and painter, it was only natural that I would continue on this path and follow my own artistic calling.

It is this life of being surrounded by art that has been fundamentally instrumental in shaping me as a photographer. From how I create and compose my images to how I interact with my clients, classical art is at the core of it all.

You may be wondering ...

Hiring a photographer in another country could cause some concerns, one being any potential language barriers.

Well, I've got you covered. I speak six languages fluently and am more than happy to communicate in the language of your preference. 



Photography should be more than just the taking of an image. It is an experience in and of itself — an experience that I thoroughly love being a part of.

More than anything else, I want my clients to feel comfortable in front of my camera. I believe that when you are at ease, you look and feel most beautiful.

I desire to create a visual legacy for each and every person who steps in front of my camera. Your wedding is so much more than the colors or the bouquets, it is a romance story with a beautiful happy ending, captured gracefully within my frame.

My Process

Images are more than the click of the shutter.

As a fine-art photographer, I find that creating images is like a dance between my eye and the subject.

It is eternally fascinating to me to work with other people, figuring out how they communicate, how they interact together, and what makes them feel most beautiful.

It is about giving you space to move and breathe but still directing in a natural and authentic way.

In short — it's all about you.

The real me.

Did you know?

I have a duo with my sister. We write, play and sing our own songs. 

I know how to perform 功夫茶 (Gōng Fū Chá), which is the traditional Chinese tea ceremony.

I am an avid water polo player.

I am a cinephile with a deep love for French cinema as well as the classics.

I speak six languages fluently — German, French, Spanish, Italian, English and Mandarin. 

        is not what
                but what you

           is not
what                 but
what you make

you see,


others see.

—  Edgar Degas

My Clients

About You

You want a photographer who understands your acclimation towards the finer things and you desire to have more than just a pretty photo.

You desire photography that speaks to you and feels personal, yet is refined and graceful, all at the same time.

Infused in your life is a dedication to culture, learning, art and romance — and your images should be a reflection of this.

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