The Top 12 Best Places to Elope in Switzerland

August 21, 2023

A Swiss elopement at the Chateau de Chillon


A Photographer’s Guide to the Most Scenic Spots

With its surreal scenery, epic mountain vistas, and beautiful villages, there are so many wonderful places to elope in Switzerland. If you’ve been following along, I’ve already talked about why Switzerland makes such a wonderful place to elope (you can read about that here). Now let’s look at the most scenic locations in Switzerland to elope, places that combine romance, beauty, and adventure, if you so desire, in a way that only Switzerland can. 

Places like this are amazing for a Switzerland Elopement.

My Top 12 Places to Elope in Switzerland

With the immense diversity in Switzerland, there are an overwhelming number of places you can choose for your intimate elopement. No matter where you decide, you are sure to find places full of inspired beauty and memorable experiences easily. 

Château de Chillon

Topping my list of historic Swiss locations is the Château de Chillon. This Swiss Cultural Heritage Site dates back to the 12th century and is uniquely designed to mold the shape of the island on which it sits. Adding to its charm, are the gothic windows, the moat, and the remnants of the drawstring bridge that once protected the island. 

If an elegant wedding with views of the Alps and Lake Geneva sounds like what you are looking for, I invite you to consider eloping in Switzerland at the Château de Chillon. The venue is only available for ceremonies, making it perfect for elopements and micro-weddings. 

The Chateau de Chillon is great if you want to get eloped in Switzerland.


If you are looking to elope in a place that steps away from the crowds and into a quaint but authentic cultural experience, Iseltwald may be a great option for you. 

Located on Lake Brienz, this small village offers a traditional experience without crowded streets and typical souvenir shops. And between the pristine lake, the alpine backdrop, and the famous Schloss Seeburg, a castle that looks like it stepped right out of a fairytale, you’ll be able to elope in an absolutely dream-like fashion.

Note: the Schloss Seeburg also houses a lovely restaurant that can also be rented out for larger weddings and events. 

Stein am Rhein

Another delightful small Swiss village, Stein am Rhein is an excellent location for an outdoor elopement with a stunning view. 

Stein am Rhein is an easy day trip from Zurich, around an hour’s train ride, and is a relatively unknown place. It is home to an impressive number of medieval buildings, fabulous ancient murals, and authentic architecture. Unsurprisingly, it is regarded as the most beautiful town in Switzerland. 

And while Stein am Rhein is enchanting to visit on foot, it is equally captivating to visit by boat. An elopement on the waters surrounding Stein am Rhein would be unforgettable and allow for beautiful images as well. 

Les Lavaux

Les Lavaux Vineyard Terraces is a Unesco World Heritage Site located on the northern shores of Lake Geneva that can be traced back to the 11th century. The area is a cultural gem with sweeping vineyards, beautiful views of the lake, and an elegance that rivals that of the French vineyards. 

The hills of Les Lavaux truly give that feeling of running away to paradise, making it an ideal spot to elope in Switzerland.


Located at the southern border of Switzerland, Ascona has a decidedly Italian feel to it with its colorful Mediterranean architecture and cafe-lined streets. Italian is even the primary language spoken in this corner of multilingual Switzerland. It feels a lot like Lake Como, without the crowds. 

Ascona is an interesting place to elope due to its beautiful surroundings — it is located on Lake Maggiore — and its colorful architecture. There are many local parks and places for an intimate elopement. You can also consider hiring a boat to take you on the lake or even over to the Brissago Islands, and their highly-regarded botanical gardens, for your ceremony.

For a luxury hotel stay during your elopement, I recommend Hotel Eden Roc

Ascona is right by the Lago Maggiore and perfect for an elopement.

Castello di Morcote

Castello di Morcote is a 13th-century castle located in the canton of Ticino, the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. The castle is perched on a hill overlooking Lake Lugano and offers stunning views of the lake and surrounding mountains. The castle is a popular wedding venue and a great place for couples to elope. It is also a working vineyard.

Castello di Morcote is a popular choice for elopements because it is not only stunning, but the grounds, with its lush gardens and incredible views, are equally breathtaking. For anyone wanting to elope at a castle, Castello di Morcote is an incredible, romantic choice.


For those wanting a more adventurous, active elopement, Seebergsee should definitely be a consideration. This slightly remote, lesser-known area is full of adventure and idyllic Swiss scenery. 

While you can park your car and walk a short 5 minutes to the lake, there are longer, more scenic routes that would be great to consider. The easiest option, if you are using this location for your elopement, takes 30-40 minutes and the trailhead can be accessed from the second closest parking lot on your way to the lake. 


Another great hiking option for a place to elope in Switzerland is Seealpsee, which is an alpine lake in the Appenzell area. It’s a popular spot, especially during hot weekends, and there are paddle boats for rent and a restaurant to eat at. It is easily accessible by cable car or by a relatively short, easy hike. 

The lake is stunningly beautiful, surrounded by glaciated peaks, and, even on crowded days, it is easy to find a place to have a private moment for your ceremony. 


Can you think of anything that signifies an adventurous Swiss elopement more than getting married on the top of a glacier? 

Aletschgletscher, otherwise known as the Aletsch Glacier, is the largest glacier in the Switzerland Alps. This impressive natural monument is believed to weigh over 10 billion tons, is almost 80 square kilometers in size, and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

An elopement here is a full-day event but includes fabulous scenery and an experience you won’t forget. 


If a combination of adventure, epic mountain views, and beautiful Swiss towns is like the ideal elopement for you, you should consider Grindelwald-First for your special day. 

Grindelwald is a beautiful little town in the Swiss Alps that is known for its stunning and historic architecture. It is also the gateway to Mt. First, a phenomenal mountain with exceptional views. 

The easiest way to experience the area and execute your elopement is to take the cable car from Grindelwald up to Mount First. You have the option to stop along the way for photos or to explore but you must continue to the top for the full effect. Once you are at the top, you have unhindered views of Grindelwald and of the Swiss Alps — and the perfect location to say your vows. 

Breathtaking spots for an Elopement in Switzerland.

Saxer Lücke

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more impressive geographical formation than Saxer Lücke. Located in the canton of Appenzell, this jagged rock stands tall and formidable among the already surreal Alpstein mountains. There are multiple hikes, ranging from easy to extreme, and even a cable car that allows you to access the locale. 

This area is great for the adventurous types who dream of big scenery and epic views for their elopement in Switzerland. 


No list of the best places to elope in Switzerland would be complete without mentioning Zermatt. Perhaps the most popular of Switzerland destinations, Zermatt is quintessential Switzerland. 

Zermatt, in and of itself, is charming and special. But the real draw is the imposing Matterhorn which stands over the town in all of its grandeur. Plan your elopement from a hill overlooking the town and the Matterhorn. Or maybe pick one of the many lakes to incorporate both water and mountains in your scenery. There are just so many options in this picturesque landscape. 

Your Photographer for Your Elopement in Switzerland

Now that you have an idea of some of my favorite places to elope in Switzerland, now it is time to narrow down a location and then hire a photographer for your special day. Even though your wedding may be small, you still will want to document it fully — this, after all, is just the start of a lifetime of adventures. 
Reach out today for more information about my photography services.

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