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Top Italian Wedding Planners

August 1, 2023


For Your Dream Destination Wedding

You have gotten engaged (congratulations!), decided on a destination (somewhere in beautiful Italy), and are starting the planning process (it can be overwhelming, I know). What’s the next step? 

It may surprise you but it isn’t hiring a photographer (although that is probably the 3rd most important step in the process). 

Beyond deciding on your location, the most crucial step to planning a destination wedding is to hire an Italian wedding planner. 

Why You Need an Italian Wedding Planner

Wedding planners are sometimes the most overlooked of all wedding vendors but I truly think they are one of the most necessary. No matter if you are having a large wedding or a micro-celebration, wedding planners bring organization, clarity, and ease to the planning process — saving you loads of stress, time, and, in the long run, money. 

This is all especially true if you are planning a destination wedding. With a destination wedding not only are you planning a wedding but you are also contending with language barriers, physical distance, and cultural differences. 

So, as you start to plan your destination wedding, why do you need an Italian wedding planner? 


Even if your wedding is small, you need someone familiar with the area — someone with “eyes on the ground.” This way, when something goes wrong or you want to make a change, they will know exactly whom to contact. You want someone local on your side. 

Industry Insight

In general, wedding planners supply a great amount of insight and knowledge for planning your wedding. And this expertise shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Wedding planners are well-versed in the latest trends, traditions, and protocols. They also know the venues that will work with your vision, the vendors that will give you the service you desire, and where to source local goods for your wedding. 

They are a wealth of information and are imperative to planning your dream wedding.


The expertise and experience of wedding planners also mean that they are full of ideas and guidance to help you plan a unique and highly-personal wedding. They take time to understand your vision, preferences, and priorities — and are able to translate them into a meticulously planned day. 

Italian wedding planners understand that even the smallest of details are important and work towards the bigger picture. They ensure that no detail is overlooked. 

This guidance and support not only help you plan a wedding that is personal and unique but it also helps you save money in the long run by not making unnecessary additions to your wedding. 

Plan With Less Stress

Wedding planning should be fun — not stressful. But too often, planning your wedding alone is overwhelming and unenjoyable. Hiring a wedding planner can bring joy back into planning. It allows you to focus on the parts of the planning that are enjoyable to you and have someone help you with the parts that may be not as fun. 

Not only do planners take on the burden of making sure all of the little details are taken care of, but they also become a trusted partner, giving you someone to walk through the experience with. 


How do you want to spend your wedding day? Do you want to be taking care of last-minute issues and problem-solving or enjoying your day?  

I think the answer is easy. 

Leave all of the last-minute details and problem-solving up to your Italian wedding planner. If you hire an established wedding planner, you won’t even know about the last-minute issues that inevitably pop up, allowing you to be fully present and enjoy your wedding day.

Italian wedding planners in Lake Como.

Hiring an Italian Wedding Planner

The first step to hiring an Italian wedding planner is to figure out the area in which you want to get married and a date. You don’t need to have your venue decided (they can help with that) but it is good to have a date, so your planner knows if they are free. 

Reach out to each planner and ask for a service guide and pricing menu so you can get an idea of their offers. One of the big questions to ask them is what the average budget for their weddings is. Knowing your overall budget and what their weddings generally average out at will help you see if they will be a good financial decision for you. 

But don’t just look at the cost though. Look at galleries of their weddings and see their visions. Ask yourself if all of their weddings look the same or if they are unique and tailored towards each couple. Do you like the overall aesthetic that you see? Do you see yourself in some of the designs?  

No matter how much a wedding planner is able to personalize a wedding, they still will have a fundamental style – whether that be romantic and whimsical, modern and sleek, or even edgy and avant-garde. 

After you have narrowed it down to the style and price point, start contacting planners. Ask to have a video chat with them to get a feel for their personalities and see how well they listen to your vision. 

To help you get started in your planning journey, here are some highly reputable Italian wedding planners from different regions. 

Venice is a fantastic location for your wedding.

Top Italian Wedding Planners (By Region)

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a dream wedding destination. With ancient villages, breathtaking vistas, and that storied Italian coast, a wedding here is nothing short of heavenly. 

Here are a few wedding planners located on the Amalfi Coast that are well-seasoned and have great reviews from previous couples. 

The Italian Wedding Designer

With 20 near-perfect reviews on Wedding Wire, The Italian Wedding Designer is a great place to start when searching for your Italian wedding planner. Their work is romantic and elegant and very local-focused. 

Ravello Events

A staple in the area, Ravello Events has been designing weddings for two decades. Their style is decidedly organic with a strong cultural focus. 

Wagner Tours

From arranging custom tours to finding the perfect lodging, Wagner Tours offers so much more than wedding planning — but that makes them perfect to plan your dream destination wedding. And with over 98 exceptional Google reviews, you know you will be in good hands. 


What is there not to love about Tuscany? With its endless vineyards, beautiful villas, and engaging art, Tuscany is a stunning destination for your wedding. It is also a highly sought-after location which means there are so many wonderful wedding planners to pick from. 

Moretti Events

Florence-based Moretti Events is a luxury wedding planning service that covers the entirety of Tuscany. Modern and art-focused, this planner has dozens of 5-star reviews on Google. 

Wed in Florence 

Wed in Florence is an Italian wedding planner boutique. Their reviews are stellar and their work is modern and very attune to the Tuscan culture and ambiance. 

Olivia Sodi

Olivia Sodi is an Italian wedding planner with an extraordinary eye for detail and, according to the many perfect Google reviews, a great service record. Her designs are modern and fresh. 

Lake Como

Love On Lake Como

Love On Lake Como is an international wedding planner team that thrives on creating unique conceptual wedding designs. Their clients hire them for their high level of service, creativity, and dedication to every small detail.

Brenda Babcock Celebrations

Brenda is an American wedding planner who lives in Italy and runs Brenda Babcock Celebrations. Her 45 perfect Wedding Wire reviews show her absolute professionalism and her beautiful work speaks for itself. 


With over ten years of experience, this women-ran company is exclusive and refined. Chechic specializes in working with destination clients from around the world, making their wedding dreams come to life. 

Italian wedding planners on the Amalfi Coast.

Photography for Your Italian Wedding

I hope you are able to find some good leads for Italian wedding planners through this list.

As you start to plan your Italian destination wedding, your next step, after securing your venue, date, and planner, will be to start looking for a photographer that understands and emulates your vision. 
I’d love to talk to you more about your wedding plans and see if we are a good fit! Contact me today!

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