The Difference Between Portraits and Personal Branding Images

May 15, 2023


And Why Both Are Important

As a photographer, one of my favorite aspects of the job is how every experience is different. Not only are there a multitude of different types of sessions (such as engagements, weddings, families, commercial, etc) but even the same types of sessions vary because every person brings something unique and personal to the table. The longer I am in the photography world, the more I see how unique every session is and how who my clients are really does come alive in front of my lens. 

While this is true with all kinds of photography, I really see it come to light when I am photographing portraits and personal branding images. The personalized and intimate nature of these services really allows me to dive deep into who you are and how you want to be portrayed.

Portraits and personal branding images are two types of sessions that I offer that I think are very important. I’d like to talk a bit about these two types of sessions, why they are important and how they are different.

Personal Branding Images can be realized with a studio or an outdoor backdrop.

Portrait Sessions

What Is a Portrait Session?

The subjects for portrait sessions are pretty broad. Portraits can be of children, couples, families, or even of just you. 

The main connection is that all are done for personal reasons. They are personal photography sessions contracted for you and your family — and your legacy.

Personal Branding Images will elevate your business.

Why Are Portrait Sessions Important?

The important thing to talk about when it comes to portraits is the “why” behind you wanting to contract a portrait session. 

When I talk about portrait sessions, I talk a lot about life milestones. 

It is my philosophy that life is a series of milestones and that there is so much beauty in every different stage of life.

Some of these milestones are huge, and some are small…but all are important and all of them make up the story of your life. From getting married to having children to celebrating anniversaries, graduations, or special vacations — all are crucial moments in your life experience, moments you want to remember and memorialize. 

Portraits are important because they are the foundation of your legacy. Not only are you able to enjoy them and relive moments but they are something to pass down to future generations. Done right, they tell your story in a way that is classic, artful, and honest.

To have portraits of you and your loved ones is a wonderful heritage.

Scheduling a Portrait Session

As a portrait photographer in Switzerland, I am available to capture all of your beautiful life moments. Since no two people’s life experience is the same, no photography session is the same as well. I approach each session with an open mind and a focus on who you are and what you want to capture. 

From an adventurous helicopter session on the top of a Swiss mountain to an intimate family session in your home, reach out today to talk about where you are at in life and what you hope to memorialize.

Personal Branding Images

What Are Personal Branding Images

Before we can talk about what personal branding images are, let’s touch on what personal branding is. 

Personal branding is, in the most basic of terms, how you want people to see you. Everyone has a personal brand, whether you know it or not. From how you show up on social media to your corporate persona to the image of your self-owned business, your personal brand is at the core of it all. 

Branding is communicated through your words (or your copy if you own a business) and values, through the colors you wear, through the way your website is designed, and, most importantly, through your images.

Personal branding images are professional images that show the world who you are. They are refined and artfully captured to communicate exactly what it is that you want to communicate. They range from studio headshots on simple backgrounds to elaborately designed sessions in multiple locations. They can be of you and can include detail images of items that relate to your brand (think hands writing on paper or a musical instrument being played).

There are no special requirements to get yourself some Personal Branding Images.

When You Need Personal Branding Images

It isn’t a secret that we are a visually inclined society and so it is clear that images are at the core of every person’s brand. If you are intentionally in the process of creating a brand or persona, you need images. 

From graduates looking to be hired for their first job to musicians needing images for press releases to business owners looking for social media content, if you don’t have an arsenal of quality images, you need to consider a personal branding session.

Scheduling a Personal Branding Session

Since everyone’s situation is unique, personal branding sessions are wildly flexible and highly personalized. They can be simple and quick studio sessions for people just needing a few high-quality images or they can be super strategic and elaborate, resulting in hundreds of images for use throughout the year. 

Reach out today to begin planning your branding session.

Personal Branding Images is a once in a lifetime experience.

The Difference Between Portraits and Personal Branding Images

The main difference between portrait and personal branding images is how they are used. Portrait images are generally for personal use while personal branding images are generally (but not always) for career purposes. 

While both have similarities, it is important to note that the planning and approach to each are different. While portrait sessions are planned, I do work more “in the moment” with my clients, allowing them to interact organically and authentically, capturing true images of who they are. For branding sessions, we do a lot of work beforehand, discussing what images you want to be captured and how you want to be seen. From here, we design scenes and backdrops through which to make these ideas a reality. 

I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your photography needs! 

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