A Memorable Wedding at Château de Varennes

June 1, 2023


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Make your dream wedding come true with a Wedding at Château de Varennes.

If you are looking for a prestigious Burgundy wedding experience, look no further than Château de Varennes to make all of your most intricate wedding visions come true. 

The experience begins as soon as you enter the long, tree-lined driveway that leads you to the formidable ​​château surrounded by stunning gardens. As you exit your car, you are greeted with the finest of Burgundy estates complete with charming pale blue shutters and ivy-covered walls. Inside, you will continue to be awed and inspired by the elegant and ornate decor. Château de Varennes is an experience to be remembered.

Designated as one of the top 10 wedding venues in the world, you are sure to have a world-class experience if you decide to host your wedding at ​​Château de Varennes.


A beautiful statue in the gardens of Château de Varennes

Located in the southeastern corner of France and surrounded by the Burgundy vineyards and lavender fields, Château de Varennes is a wedding vineyard and private estate that revels in the charms and luxury of the Burgundy tradition. It is the epitome of a Burgundy experience.

Its location, between Paris and the French Riviera, is easily accessible for most travelers and offers your guests an easy opportunity to extend their trip to explore other parts of France.  

Close to the château is the historic city of Beaune which is famous for its wines and its medieval history. You can also visit several other quaint villages such as Chalon, Dole, and Dijon to explore the historic countryside villages. 

History of Château de Varennes

There is nothing more elegant than a Wedding at Château de Varennes.

In a rare exception, Château de Varennes has been owned by the same family for more than 400 years. Its current buildings were built in the 18th century, replacing an older medieval fortress. While the historic charm remains, the buildings have all been modernized for complete comfort.

The current owners are 14th-generation Truchis de Varennes. They are fluent in English and hold their position as owners of this grand estate in the highest regard.

Hosting a Wedding at Château de Varennes

The shoes of the bride with flowers during this Wedding at Château de Varennes.

The Château de Varennes offers a myriad of options for how large (or small) of a wedding you can host. For up to several hundred guests, you’ll find an option no matter what your dream wedding looks like. 

Getting Ready

The château’s suites are an idyllic place for getting ready. With their country chic decor and light-filled space, they are not only great for getting ready images but comfortable and spacious so you can get ready without feeling crowded. If you decide to adhere to tradition, you can easily find space to get ready separate from your partner. 


From the chapel to the orangery to an al fresco ceremony open to the Burgundy sky, there is an elegant and romantic option ceremony for every couple at Château de Varennes.  

The historic chapel, located behind the house, has space to host up to 80 people sitting and 100 standing. 

The Orangery, which is the large reception hall on the property, is perfect to host an inside ceremony or reception. With a large catering kitchen, dining area, and dance floor, it can hold up to 200 people.

If an outdoor ceremony or reception is your desire, just know that it is possible to host your entire wedding outside of the grounds with the rolling vineyards and ornate château as your backdrop. There is also the option to have a smaller, more intimate affair on one of the two terraces. 

Additionally, you can choose to have a wedding ceremony, or reception, inside the château.


For receptions, Château de Varennes offers several locations on the property — but they all revolve around the delicious food (much of it grown on-site) prepared by chef Nathan Muir who was trained in Michelin-starred restaurants. Catering is done in-house and is an experience in and of itself. 

As for dancing, Château de Varennes offers both indoor and outdoor reception options. The Orangery is an indoor venue — which means you can dance all night long if you so please. There is no limit to when the party ends if you book an indoor reception. Outside receptions with music and dancing, while beautiful, are required by French law to end at midnight. The château can recommend good bands and local DJs to help you keep the dancing going as long as youa wish.

Guest Experiences

From floral design experiences to horseback riding, tennis courts, and even a pool, the estate offers many activities for guests of the lodge. In the surrounding areas, all of your guests can participate in wine tastings, historic tours, cooking classes, and so much more. There is so much to experience in Burgundy. 

Lodging Around Château de Varennes

Château de Varennes offers onsite lodging with 20 bedrooms, including a honeymoon suite, and 17 bathrooms. With its warm hospitality and high-end details, staying onsite with all of your wedding guests, or just your closest 42 friends and family, is highly recommended. The château offers a bistro and a private chef for hire. 

Outside of the château, there are quite a few high-end options ranging from private houses to luxury hotels. Hostellerie Cèdre & Spa is a particular favorite with beautiful options with world-class, Michelin-starred dining.

Photographing a Wedding at Château de Varennes

If you plan to do a Wedding at Château de Varennes you will never regret it.

Your images from a wedding at Château de Varennes will be among the most cherished of your lifetime. The timeless, elegant style of the château combined with the beautiful scenery is every photographer’s dream playground. 

From getting ready in the luxurious guest rooms to formal images along the meandering driveway leading to the château, this venue offers a refined and sophisticated backdrop that is perfect for the discerning couple. 

Please reach out for more information on hosting (and photographing!) your dream wedding at Château de Varennes. 

Château de Varennes is especially beautiful at night with all the little lights and candles at the wedding party.

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