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The Best Locations For An Engagement Session on the French Riviera

February 15, 2023


My Top Locations Around Nice, France for Engagement Sessions 

There are so many options for an engagement session on the French Riviera.

Tourists flock to the French Riviera every year and with good reason. The French Riviera is full of stunning views, clear water, charming villages and perfect weather. Visiting this area is truly like stepping into a movie. 

So it is no surprise that having an engagement session on the French Riviera is an idea that I completely support and most definitely encourage.

Let me repeat, an engagement session on the French Riviera is always a good idea and one that I would love to help you plan.  

My Top Five Locations For An Engagement Session on the French Riviera


A beautiful view from Èze

If you are a couple that likes a little drama with your scenery, Èze may be the place for you and your significant other to have your dream engagement session. 

Èze is a small, medieval commune about 12km (about 7.5 miles for all of you imperialists out there) outside of Nice, France. Calm and picturesque, you feel like you are stepping back 200 years as you explore this typical French Riviera village. 

This beautiful, fortified village sits on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean. It is full of narrow, enchanting streets, thick stone walls that make the entire village look like a castle, and views that have inspired countless artists and creators like Charlie Chaplin, Bono and even Walt Disney. 

From the exotic garden, Jardin Exotique d’Èze, to the Nietzsche Path, Èze is a place perfect for those who like history and beautiful views. 

When photographing an engagement session in Èze, I prefer to start in the village, getting lost in the little alleys with their enchanting details and beautiful light. You can then finish at the Jardin Exotique d’Èze with its epic sunset views.

Good to Know: Wear comfortable and sturdy shoes and be ready for some hills. Èze is actually a ‘tiered’ village and is set up on a hill, so steep walks are inevitable. 

Where to Stay:  If you wish to stay in Èze, I highly recommend the Château de La Chèvre d’Or where countless artists and politicians have stayed. 


The town of Menton is a great backdrop for an Engagement Session on the French Riviera.

For another idyllic town along the French Riviera, Menton is possibly the perfect place for your French Riviera engagement session. 

Just a few kilometers (30 to be exact, 19 in miles) from the glamorous Nice, Menton is charming, very chic, but so much sleepier than its famous neighboring cities. Personally, I love the quiet charm of Menton. It makes your time there so much more laid back and so much calmer. Menton is called the Pearl of France for a reason. 

Like Èze, Menton boasts meandering, medieval streets but, unlike Èze, its buildings are colorful and vibrant. Menton also offers a beautiful Mediterranean beach within easy access and the gorgeous Basilica Saint-Michel-Archange. 

Some of my favorite areas when photographing in Menton are the boat docks, the beach, the old town, and the Basilica Saint-Michel-Archange.

Good to Know: Menton has its own little microclimate, making it the sunniest place in France! 

Where to Stay: The Villa Genesis is always a good choice for a luxury hotel. 

La Tourbie (Tête de Chien)

Unforgettable views are plenty for Engagement Session on the French Riviera

Another great location for engagement photos that has unparalleled views and that distinctly French feel you are most likely after is La Tourbie and the Tête de Chien. 

La Tourbie is a small village that is perched high over the Mediterranean. Historic and quaint, it has the same serpentine streets and breathtaking ambiance that you have come to expect from the French Riviera. 

One of the most unique things about the village is that it is literally built around the ruins of a Roman monument. The other part of the area which makes it especially notable for engagement sessions is the Tête de Chien.

The Tête de Chien, translated as the Dog’s Head, is a rock formation close to La Tourbie that stands 550 meters (1,804 feet) tall. You can hike to the Tête de Chien and get photos along the way or you can just drive to the viewpoint. 

For the best of both worlds, we can start the engagement session in La Tourbie and then finish at sunset at the Tête de Chien. 

Good to Know: Be careful when at the Tête de Chien. The ledges are not secured — at all.

Where to Stay: La Tourbie is more of a day trip, so I recommend heading back to your hotel in Èze or Menton and continuing your vacation. 

Antibes (Baie des Milliardaires)

The bluest of blue water on the French Riviera

If Èze, Menton, and La Tourbie are quiet and humble, Antibes is their outgoing, glamorous younger sister. 

Antibes is lavish and opulent. And an engagement session here is naturally full of luxury. 

Consider an engagement session on a yacht — Antibes is known for its yachting — or maybe at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc instead, where the likes of John F. Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn have stayed. 

You won’t be lacking for great views, Old-World charm, or elegance if you have your engagement session at Antibes. 

One of my favorite gems around Antibes is the Baie des Milliardaires, translated as Billionaires Bay. 

The Baie des Milliardaires is a wild, lush bay that was once only accessible by boat. Now, a small path leads visitors to this popular, pebble-covered beach. Its blue waters are perfectly clear, the surrounding mansions lavish, and the photography opportunities limitless. 

Good to Know: You can’t drive in the old town (which makes for some epic photos) so leave the car and be prepared to walk a bit. 

Where to Stay: Hands down, the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc is the finest experience in luxury.


Last, but certainly not least, is Nice, the crown jewel of the French Riviera. 

The seaport city of Nice is one of the better-known cities in France. Not only is Nice a great home base but there are a ton of great locations for your engagement session in Nice. 

Besides taking advantage of the views and the historical sites, consider incorporating world-renowned cuisine and fabulous drinks in your session at one of the city’s lively cafes. I enjoy photographing down by the Old Port and along the Promenade des Anglais.

Good to Know: Make sure you check out the Musée Matisse to enjoy some culture.

Where to Stay: Hotel Le Negresco is always a divine experience. 

My Best Advice For Having an Engagement Session on the French Riviera

I’m so glad you are considering an engagement session on the French Riviera. Without a doubt, these are images that you will treasure and enjoy for your lifetime. 

As you begin your planning process, I have a few suggestions to help you plan. 

Consider Traveling in The Spring or Autumn

The spring (May and early June) or Autumn (September and October) are the best times to come to the French Riviera for your engagement photos. It isn’t as crowded, the weather is still warm, and the light is a photographer’s dream. 

You can always get great images in the French Riviera but planning them in the off-season (when the weather is temperate) is always a good idea. 

Rent a Car

Like most of Europe, the public transportation in the area is pretty good. However, I think renting a car on the French Riviera is best since it is faster and more reliable time-wise, especially during your engagement session.

Hire a Photographer Who Knows the Area Well

Hiring a photographer who knows the area can save you time and ensure that you get to all of those wonderful little spots. They can also help you plan the perfect itinerary so that you are able to capture exactly the feeling that you want.  

Start Planning Your Engagement Session on the French Riviera

As an experienced photographer, I would love to talk to you more about your engagement session on the French Riviera. It truly is one of the most lovely places for pictures. 

Please contact me today to schedule a chat.

Gardens are a great backdrop for your engagement session on the French Riviera.
Rambling village streets allow for innumerable photographic opportunities.
A sailboat is a beautiful idea for an engagement session on the French Riviera

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