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Borgo Santo Pietro Wedding Venue Review

February 1, 2023


An Unforgettable Location for Your Dream Italian Wedding

A Borgo Santo Pietro wedding is a dream come true.

Nestled in the fabled hills of Tuscany, stands Borgo Santo Pietro. Elegant. Peaceful. Revitalizing. 

When you walk onto the property, you won’t be surprised to discover that Borgo Santo Pietro was once a healing stopover on a medieval pilgrimage. Warmth, healing, and peace just radiate from the bones of this property. 

Today, you find a different sort of pilgrim gracing the grounds — a modern one searching for respite from a busy, technologically inundated world, one looking to reconnect with themselves and nature. 

With its serene and welcoming atmosphere, a visit to this hotel is more than just entertaining. It’s life-altering.  

Beyond just staying at Borgo Santo Pietro, you can host momentous occasions at the hotel as well — like your wedding. 

What Is a Borgo

A Borgo Santo Pietro wedding is a truly special affair.

First of all, what is a borgo, and what makes one so special?  

Borgo is Italian for a small town or village. So, while Borgo Santo Pietro is considered a hotel, it is actually a hotel designed around an old village. The rambling, open feel of a borgo gives it a homey and authentic vibe that is difficult to replicate in a typical hotel. 

A borgo is also a fun place to host a wedding because you are, in essence, reserving an entire village for yourself and your guests, creating an extraordinarily memorable experience for everyone involved. 

History of Borgo Santo Pietro

The culture at Borgo Santo Pietro is memorable.

A Danish couple, Jeanette and Claus Thottrup, discovered the forgotten ruins of Borgo Santo Pietro in 2001 and immediately knew that this was the place that they were meant to foster and revitalize. 

Without knowing much about the wild and varied history of the area, the Thottrup’s purchased the property with the intent of making it a personal dwelling. But as they started to work, the energy and quality of the land began to transform the property in a way they hadn’t intended — into the current-day Borgo Santo Pietro. 

The history of Borgo Santo Pietro lends itself directly to what the property is today. For hundreds of years, the land was a community of farmers, a group of people tied intimately to the land and culture. Its location close to the Via Francigena (one of the oldest pilgrimages in Europe) and the Cistercian Abbey of San Galgano were the catalysts for it becoming known as a place of healing or pilgrims needing rest.

Today’s establishment stands in deference to its history and its predecessors — their strength, their connection to the earth, and their devotion to inner peace.

Borgo Santo Pietro Details

The fountain is a central place to host a wedding ceremony.

Borgo Santo Pietro is located approximately an hour and a half outside of Florence. 

It is a 5-star, luxury resort. It boasts a holistic spa, cooking school, several restaurants (including a Michelin-starred one), a 300-acre organic farm, gardens, and activities such as tennis and swimming. 

This boutique-style hotel offers 22 private lodgings — ranging from rooms in the main villa to private suites. The rooms are elegant and refined, with a nod to the history of the estate. 

For instance, the Rinaldo di Soriano suite takes its name from the man who was the administrator of the Abbey San Galgano and the Borgo Santo Pietro in the 13th century. The suite showcases a painting in his honor. 

As well, two of the rooms offer historical frescoes that show the land as it once was. These deliberate and thoughtful touches help bring history closer to the surface for the guests. 

Fresh flowers are abundant, worn leather is the ambiance, and welcoming energy is found throughout, making any stay delightful and unforgettable.

A Borgo Santo Pietro Wedding 

The pathway is a beautiful place for portraits.

With such a focus on intentionality and warmth, it’s no wonder that a Borgo Santo Pietro wedding is in such high demand. From elopements and intimate weddings to larger, more grandiose affairs, this hotel truly has everything you could want for a wedding venue.

Getting Ready

Getting ready has never felt quite so luxurious as it will when getting ready at the Borgo Santo Pietro. Consider reserving one of the pool houses for a quiet and totally private getting-ready experience. 

And not only can you stay on sight, but the property also offers sleeping accommodations for up to 50 guests, with the option to lodge additional guests at nearby agritourism hotels. 


With hundreds of acres as your playground, the options for ceremony spaces are many. Some popular locations are in the gardens, under the cupola that overlooks the Valle Serena, and even on the island in the private lake.  

Beyond the Borgo Santo Pietro, consider having a ceremony or blessing at the neighboring Abbey of San Galgano or at the Church of Montesiepi


Continue your wedding ceremony with a private reception on-site.  

The venue can hold up to 100 guests (but, remember, only 50 can stay on-site). Reception space can be created within one of the villas or restaurants or al fresco, under the brilliant Tuscan sky (a tent is available in case of poor weather). 

Music is allowed until 2 am and you can even schedule to have a private fireworks show. 

Photographing a Borgo Santo Pietro Wedding

Views at Borgo Santo Pietro.

Photography at Borgo Santo Pietro is full of beautiful light, gorgeous scenery, and stunning architecture. It is the perfect merging of history and modern luxury. 

There is no need to leave the venue, the options to capture magnificent imagery are endless right on the property. From the meandering gardens to the ornate villa, I love nothing more than capturing the intricacies and the moments at a Borgo Santo Pietro Wedding. 

Contact me today with any questions you may have.

Magical views at Borgo Santo Pietro.
A chic idea for a reception for a Borgo Santo Pietro wedding.
Borgo Santo Pietro is beauty redefined.
Borgo Santo Pietro is full of unexpected discoveries.
Chic decor in the Borgo's library.
The chess set at Borgo Santo Pietro is a centerpiece of the common area.
A Borgo Santo Pietro wedding is a true experience.
A Borgo Santo Pietro wedding is memorable for all of those involved.

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