Hosting a Wedding at Château Martinay

April 1, 2023


A Truly Elegant Affair

Nestled in the giant shadow of Mount Ventoux stands Château Martinay, an imposing and grandiose estate in the hills of Provence. Formerly the home of aristocracy in Provence, this palatial manor is pristine and elegant, a true monument to the heritage and culture of the Provence area.

And not only is it a beautiful place to visit, but it is also a fabulous place to have a wedding. 

From intimate gatherings to large soirees, a wedding at Château Martinay is a statement of sophistication and refinement, an ode to adventure and culture. 

Hosting a wedding at Château Martinay is truly a marvelous affair.

History of Château Martinay

The neo-classical Château Martinay was built in 1793 by the Les Isnards, an aristocratic family in the Provence area. Surviving a fire during the French Revolution and having been passed through many different hands over the centuries, the château is a statuesque relic of the resilience and strength of the area. 

The current owner, Pierre Deltin, took ownership in 2018. As a wine enthusiast and owner of several area vineyards, Deltin started renovations. He looked to honor both the history and beauty of the land but update the look in unexpected and modern ways. 

The château is currently on France’s list of historical monuments. 

The end result is a fully relaxing and unapologetically lavish home that invites you to unwind, be with your family, and self-indulge in splendor.

The culture and artwork around Château Martinay is to be enjoyed and savored.

Staying at Château Martinay

Whether for a wedding or a holiday, Château Martinay is always open for an idyllic holiday. 

From classic rooms with single queen beds and impressive king-size suites to Provence-inspired cottages, there is an option for everyone on the property.  

There are seven rooms within the main house, all with their own en suite. Across the property, are three dependencies, situated within the sanctity of the Provence countryside. These private cottages are reimagined to their former glory with inspired and serene decor. Additionally, the estate offers a larger house for rent, the La Bastide du Martinay which holds up to 10 people. 

Within the château are several shared living areas for guests of the manor. From the bar with its fireplace, which is central to the house during the winter months, to the library with its wide selection of books and board games for those rainy days, there is no shortage of restful and inspiring locations within the house. 

Keeping with the historical ambiance of the house but infusing some modern touches, you’ll find the property blissful. 

A wedding at Château Martinay has both indoor and outdoor seating options.

The Area Surrounding Château Martinay

Nature, gastronomy, art and architecture adventures are all at your fingertips when you stay at Château Martinay.

Not only is the house located on 35 private acres of natural beauty but it is also ideally located within the shadow of Mount Ventoux and the Dentelles de Montmirail, a small but imposing chain of mountains in Provence. 

There are many small Provençal towns open to your exploration. Carpentras, a small, historical town with beautiful venues and colorful street markets, is only ten minutes away from the château. You can explore historical Avignon which is an easy 25 minutes away or visit the famous Luberon Villages of Provence, which are a 45 minutes drive. 

There are even exceptional opportunities to take bike tours around Provence, like this one with Ride and More and the château.

All of Provence is an ode to fine food, amazing wine, and even more brilliant cultural experiences … all of which is at your doorstep when staying at Château Martinay.

Beautiful bride at Château Martinay

Hosting a Wedding at Château Martinay

If you think staying here is a dream, imagine hosting a wedding at Château Martinay.

The property only allows 10 private events such as weddings each year, so make sure you reached out early to book your weekend. 

A wedding here is an elegant and harmonious experience. It’s can be about a big party, yes, but it also invites guests of sophistication and refinement who want to enjoy the château for how it is intended — in an organic and simple way that is truly a divine experience. 

Hosting a wedding at Château Martinay is truly a private experience. The grounds and lodging for the entire property are closed to the public, making you and your guests the focus for the staff. 

Getting Ready

Get ready for your wedding in one of the many ornately decorated rooms at your disposal. There is room for all of the main people in your wedding to get ready at the estate. Up to 24 people can stay onsite.

Ceremony Spaces

There are quite a few possible ceremony spaces at the château.

One of my favorites is Cypress Alley. A lush walkway lined with cypress trees, this area is a whimsical place of sun-dappled dreams and connection with nature.  

Or, if you wish to have the château play a more significant role in your ceremony, consider having it at the grand entrance with the gorgeous arched doorways as your backdrop. 

Reception Opportunities

While sound ordinances require that all dance parties be held inside the magnificent estate, dinners are commonly held outdoors. There is a maximum occupancy of 120 people. 

The Courtyard, outside the main entrance to the house, is a beautiful spot for an al fresco dining experience. Imagine stringed lights reflecting peacefully in the fountain while you dine on locally sourced Provencal cuisine.  

You can also choose to dine outside on the southern side of the property. Rent a tent or dine al fresco in the large, perfectly manicured lawn. 

Outdoor details at Château Martinay

Photographing a Wedding at Château Martinay

When you are planning a wedding at Château Martinay, or any surrounding Provence châteaus, you want to find a photographer that understands your vision and your aesthetics. 

As someone who has been frequenting Provence my entire life (I live a few hours away in Switzerland), I not only speak French fluently, but I understand the draw and attraction to the Provence lifestyle. I would love to talk to you about your wedding at Château Martinay (or anywhere in Europe) and see if we would be a good fit working together. 

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